The Weather Thread


Aren’t you long term unemployed?


While all the idiots here were out breaking their backs for free.


Isn’t pride one of the seven deadly sins?



It’s a sin was on too


Bit of fresh air and manual work is good for the soul


Christmas weather* demands a Christmas number one.



Got a bag of clementines in Super Valu in Sutton. Well and truly fucked up the knee yesterday. I’m in agony here.


Ice & Elevation, pal.




Lads. Go outside and clear a bit of snow. Especially your driveway, or your parking spot ir the footpath outside your hime. Its your civic and community duty and people will remember you for it and your childeren will feel proud of you.its mostly slush now and not a big job. It will also get you off line for and hour and youll feel better and you’ll be less likely to get depression


You mean people should be more like Ibrahim Halawa?


Spend some time with your family


Have you got much fresh air these past few days?


I’ve noticed that feminism has taken a bit of a break this weekend.


Ibra is gold actually. I’m glad Oireland pulled out all the stops to rescue him from his own country. He has some neck on him and clearly does not have the fucks to give. #hope #help


Lots, mate. I even did some snow shovelling this morning and got out for a 40 minute walk an hour or so ago, which is a damn sight more than you’ve done, I suspect.


its clear mate, its been raining all day

should i go out and hose the rain off?



had a great time at the pool rather than wasting time doing the rains job


Surely if there is no snow in your home you could gave figured out the message wasn’t relevant to you?

Ok fao all simpletons, if you don’t have any snow then dont go out clearing it


thanks for the clarification mate