The Weather Thread


Cheers mate.


Will the match go ahead?



It’s battering down here. I won’t be travelling anyway. I’ll throw a a chicken and ham in the oven around twelve and to watch it in the box


As I turned to make my way back home, the snow turned into rain


Watch it in the box?


Was that after you met your old lover at the grocery store


Yes, we just had a six pack in the car outside centra on the Dock road, she married her an architect but he’s a cunt


Proper snow event in South County Dublin. Still snowing heavily.


snow event in Meath/north kildare


Proper bucketing down here now in East Limerick South-Central.

@TreatyStones can we have an official decision on the Limerick-Clare match asap as I would like to plan my day.


@TreatyStones has left us down badly here…tis fine providing updates a few weeks back when the info was everywhere…the cunt has gone to ground now.


The difficult second album.


He’s hammering F5 on at the moment, trawling through GFS “runs” and Icon Models (no, not what you think…) for anything he can grasp.


“Let us down.”

I can’t allow these Corkisms to stealthily seep in without commenting on them.


Sorry guys, very busy today.
Official statement: It’ll be grand. Snow fall will ease considerably with a pretty rapid thaw afterwards.


I am officially snowed in here and won’t be making the trip to Cork.



Beautiful morning in Killarney.

cc @Brimmer_Bradley.


That’s a great hotel.


Just home from the Shops, serious run on Bainne & Bread already.