The Weather Thread


Just like myself, grabbed the last of the morning’s batch of fresh rolls there.

Roads are grand but it is absolutely bitter. Mackey Stand should reach Verkhoyansk temperatures this afternoon.


Ah stop… Cork is grand… Few flakes falling… Your snow will be gone by the time you get home.

Brady just managed to get his sharp little tooth up my nose there and ripped the roof of it as he pulled his head backwards. Ouch…


Nice. I’ve realized I’m in Killarney 4 nights next month. I thought it was 2. Mrs Bradley will join me and my colleagues for nights 3 & 4, all paid for too


Grand day here…PUC in the background.


Festivities in Limerick Cittay go ahead. Soft jackeen cunts.


Smashing spot


View from the opposite side of the lake where we’re staying at the moment.


If @Bandage ends up pregnant after this excursion I’m bagging first rights on the child’s name !!!


You might as well take the bunting down at this stage.


Europe Resort. I thought it was great.

I’ve retreated to rural Limerick for the night now.


Europe is top class. She really knows how to treat you


Top notch. A couple of steps up from Aghadoe


+1. She selected St Patrick’s weekend originally as it didn’t clash with any hurling league fixtures. Unfortunately the snow event a few weeks ago knocked everything back a week and meant I would have missed the Wexford game yesterday. But the latest snow event means I can be present in Wexford Park next weekend after she treated me to a splendid weekend in Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary. Huzzah.


Mutually exclusive I would have thought.


@TreatyStones - possible snow event this weekend or early next week … we need data now.


This could end up going the way of the War of Independence years, with 2018 finals played off at some stage in the 2020s.

There’s surely already not enough weekends left in the year for the Tipp SHC?


I hope ye batter us in the league semi and we might have a chance


Are we gone the way of the English tabloids of the 2000s? Instead of a different conspiracy theory about Princess Diana’s death on a weekly basis, we’re getting reports of impending snow events in The Irish Mirror, Star, Sun every few days at this stage.


That’s the way it’s gone now. The way of the English tabloids.


It used to be that we all got our news, particularly the weather news, roughly from the one source … now everyone is an expert and getting info from different places… That’s just the way it’s gone now.