The Weather Thread


thats the way it is gone now


Gone that way it has.


there seems to be a relaxtion in every facet of life now


Lovely day here in West Limerick


It’s a beautiful spring day here in Cork South Central — Cant wait to get out out for a run around on the green later with Brady.


Bring a bag for the shite


Always do, pal… I bring one for Brady also.


Dumbing down.


Fcuking freezing on the mainland. Still snow in the hills.
McDonald’s in Rochdale reopens next week, but I’ve really taken to Greggs. It’ll be a gut wrenching decision next Tuesday morning.


Spring well and truly sprung here. Nearly a day for getting the togs on.


Glorious weather…I was out running around with Brady earlier for about 45 mins…shame we’re getting snow in a couple of days.


Beautiful day out there in north mid mid west limerick.Not a cloud to be seen.


A stunning morning here in the South East.
This weekend years ago we had a mini heatwave when I think we hit 25degrees


Jean Byrne has a fine chest on her. I’d say she’s hand it back soft, if at all


Possibly the longest continuous thunder I ever heard just now in Limerick city, no rain, starting again


Skies are scarily black over mid West Tipperary.

Summer me hoop


Limerick city got 6 or 7 claps of thunder there combined with hailstones the size of marbles.

Great craic, once you’re not out in it.


Been a tantalising day in West Limerick all day. No sign of anything other than sunshine. Getting a bit cool now alright.


March…? Spring…? Do ye have calendars down there or are ye working off sundials and the likes still??


Moving in on South Central Cork now and can see heavy showers moving in from Tipp.