The Weather Thread


Hailstorm hitting the wee county… @TreatyStones any forecasting for tomorrow?


For where?

It was a glorious evening in North mid west Limerick, yet 15 miles in the road there was thunder, lightning and hailstones.


Louth north border area


Cold, light rain, general misery.


Did teachers have to make these days up or did you try to seel the forum a bundle of lies?


More @Juhniallio lies.


@Juhniallio exposed


The cat must have got his tongue, not the first time he has been found out telling lies in attempt to download the soft life teachers have, nor will it be the last.


NK had his number.


What a winter of weather we had.

And to top it off the tans are drowning.


are you living in dire poverty?


Yep. That’s the way it is in border counties these days


What’s that big yellow thing in the sky with a bit of heat coming out of it?

80s playlist blasting in the car as well.
Happy days


It’s well into the second month of Autumn herr. Generally expect it to start getting a bit chilly, maybe getting up to 25 during the day.
It’s been hitting 33-35 every day, no rain, just been outside (nearly midnight) and there’s a very hot wind blowing. Never rains. Worrying times.


Christ. I wouldn’t like that now


Over-cast here in Cork south central but very muggy… The sweat was rolling off me walking Brady up the woods earlier.


I walked the dog this morning at 5.30
It was 26 degrees. It should be around 15 max.
Meanwhile the Australian government are debating whether to fund a new coal fired power station.


Is it clean coal though?


There is no such thing.


Ye selling coal to the Chinese is a primary driver of global warming. Ye deserve all ye get.
One of my best pals here is pretty much head of UK climate policy. She refuses to have kids, reckons fish to eat will be a rarity, and says countries will start to suffer badly and soon from global warning. By and large, she says, it won’t affect the wealthiest nations so they won’t care, except Australia. The only wealthy nation that will be badly hit.