The Weather Thread


That’s hyper snowflake behavior.


I didn’t quiz her about that.


Today will be decent, but wind and fairly heavy rain due for Sunday & Monday. Next weekend looks good at the moment.

The Mirror readers are sitting at home in their shorts & t-shirts waiting for the country to sizzle.


She sounds a bit mental and I’d question her knowledge. Every country is being and is going to be affected. Whether its increased extreme weather events, rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, heatwaves, increased temperatures some element will hit everyone.
And plenty of countries in the west are as bad as Australia when it comes to carbon emissions.


Unreal day in the capital. Spring has sprung


Another screeching lefty.


A straw that broke the camels back situation I suppose, Australia already on the edge


FOTF Siobhan Ryan looking unreal last night :heart_eyes:


It’s like a hurricane out there … rain pelting down sideways with high winds … roll on Wednesday, spring begins.


Hasn’t stopped all day… Shocking stuff. Sat here in the car waiting to go play astro and it’s like a wild night in December.

@TreatyStones, make it stop.


It’s fairly cold here now. Will it ever end, kid?


You could put your Christmas tree up and nearly convince yourself it’s December




Its cruel, Mike.


Horrible chief. It’s blowing a fucking gale here. I ordered new fences for the back garden but thank fuck they didn’t arrive on Saturday


Let’s not get carried away. If your new fences can’t stand up to that bit of wind then you’d be better off if they never arrived




Still a cunt of a day out there


There’s a weird yellow thing appearing in the sky over our Nations capital.


it’s a bad day when you are resorting to using stale @iron_mike jokes on here.