The Weather Thread


Wow. A new low for @Mac


time for another @Mac rebrand

this @Mac one has been stale a good few years imho

I heard him described before as a likeable dullard, the kind of guy @iron_mike would get on with


I think I need to start drinking again


Yea. Maybe I should start a harem. You might give me a few tips


19C in our nation’s capital yesterday. Breezy but pleasant


I thought it was lovely


You in country for long, pal?


He was talking about London… Or Birmingham maybe


This despite the highest recorded temperature in the country being 17.5c and recorded in Roscommon.


But his dashboard said it was 19c


Great drying there all of a sudden lads. 3 days of this and we’ll be parched.


Dashboard said 20C but didn’t want to sound histerical


The farmers are crying out for a drop of rain



Just hit 27 in the capital


I was walking the dog there this morning and keeping an eye on all the cars that passed me. I wanted to see how many drivers had sun glasses on. This was at 9am btw. I counted five cars in a row where the drivers had sun glasses on. I’d estimate around 50% of drivers were wearing them at 9am.

The current, social media driven generation of Oirish really love to get the sun glasses out at every opportunity when behind the wheel. That’s the way it’s gone I suppose. It’s only the auld fellas, farmers or some tradesmen drivers that you’d mostly see toughing it out and driving while squinting into the glare of the sun’s rays.

I can well imagine @Mac getting out into the sun today walking down main street Gorey rocking his shades, pushing the buggy and most likely licking a 99 cone. He’ll probably have his phone in a holster attached to the belt of his Wrangler jeans, and maybe his keys on a short chain attached to his belt also. Ducking in and out of bookies then to watch a race while the wife sits on a wall minding the child.


Glorious morning here in East South-East Limerick.

I suppose I’ll cut the grass.


Absolutely delightful day in West Limerick.

I think I may go for a game of Pitch & Putt later :sunglasses:




Lovely style of posting as usual. Albeit a rather bizarre target