The Weather Thread


Substitute Wranglers for Diesel jeans and you’re bang on the money


The fake Diesel too I bet


He calls them washed diesel jeans


Is there another type?


Yes, the Brown Thomas worldwide Diesel brand and the other cheaper Irish Diesel brand






And the big nose plastered with sun cream.



Gonna give the Gardens a trim there now.


Delighted for ye lads. Enjoy the day.


Beautiful day in north mid west Limerick


I was at a wedding yesterday and had the shades on with the suit. I looked the bees knees


Diesel do a great pair of jeans . You’d get 5 years of good wear out of a pair and another decade of dosing cattle in them after that.

FYI I am firmly in the sunglasses camp cc @Smark


@Smark would rather be blinded by the sun and run up somebody’s hole than wear a pair of sunglasses.He also thinks people who wear safety glasses while using a consaw or grinder are pussys.


So long as he looks like a backwards lunatic it’ll be all worth it.


@smark, this is my current view. Not a bookies or buggie in sight unfortunately for you. Sunglasses are on, Hugo Boss branded.


A cracking day here


Terrific day to sit in and watch sport


Herself is gone off for the night with the girls. Kids on a sleepover.
Sitting in and watching sport is the plan for me for the rest of the day