The Weather Thread


Yes my missus is away for the day also. Flicking between RUK, ATR and Eurosport is my plan.


And a bit of porn later ?


If boxing and snooker counts as porn, then yes


Glorious altogether :golf:


The europe?


Where’s that pitch & putt?


Aye, some spot


Good any time but on a day like today :heart_eyes:


Gas the way that that little sneaky childish cunt @Smark takes a pop at Mac about bookies & kids, and that he works behind the counter in a bookies and is rearing some other fellas child.Ironic or what.




Grass cut, kerbs edged, cars, front windows & me hairy bollix washed and dried.

I think I’ll now settle down with a cold South Tipp Chardonnay and watch Manyoo v The Yids.


Looks very decent. Better than adare anyways.


Lovely course, 8 euro for a round. Ground was very soft in places but cant fault that with the weather before the last few days.


Barbecue dissembled cleaned down and reassembled today. Lit first time and ready for chicken fillets tomorrow…


The forecast is dire for tomorrow you mug.


Any chump can BBQ when the sun is out, it takes a real master to BBQ in 9c and it lashing rain.


Lamb burgers on it this afternoon. Lamb roast in it tomorrow rain or no rain.


First spits of precipitation here on the western seaboard :disappointed_relieved: Twas nice while it lasted.


Lovely day here in the sunny South East. Just back from a run and Hitting the pub now in courtown for a few. Sun and beer, a great combination


Fine day for a puck around and swim today. Stradbally in Waterford was the venue. A very unique beach flanked by 2 cliffs in a type of cove formation.