The Weather Thread


The last 30-40 posts were awful, awful scutter.


Well, that was a nice summer.




He said it right


It was practically sleeting in the peak district yesterday, cold wet and filthy. Had to sit on plastic bags in Costa coffee after so’s not to destroy the seats.


Snow due in Ireland this week.

cc @TreatyStones


It’s hard to fault the Peak District in any weather.


South peaks are lovely. Cycle up there every Sunday. The national parks are one of the better features of the UK.
Got snowed on on midsummer’s day up there once about three or four years ago.


Siobhán Ryan was showing a fine bit of cleavage on the forecast tonight, she hasn’t a bad set of knockers


What’s the story with the new “Rain and Isobars” caption which has been rolled out frequently recently? Tell us what the weather is going to be. If it is going to be rainy, windy, snowy. Nobody cares if the isobars are close together or not.


Ah you’d nearly settle in the one isobar if you had far to walk between them.

Last week’s sun was a bit of a tease. Four baskets of wood chopped this evening.


Glorious day in North Cork


It’s warm up north.


Unrale sunshine here in limerick


Grand day in the south west of Dublin City Centre as well.


The mother and father of all thunder storms banging away outside here. It’ll have the place driven demented. Never remember anything like this in Ireland before


Great entertainment though


Electricity gone here, there was a fair clattering of showers but I didn’t hear thunder and lightning.


Roasting here. Purple head weather.


Pissing rain now for the last 2 hours in the capital.