Things I learned today (Part 2)

2021 my arse, sure he had a transplant when he was banging brunker


Male pattern baldness ain’t alopecia

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maybe he thinks that be cause the transplant is starting to go now that he has alopecia. or maybe the hair is falling out because hes raising another mans baby

Roddy Collins is godfather to one of Shaun Edwards’ children.

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I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau earlier this week. For the things I learned today thread for me because while everyone is aware of the Holocaust, seeing it is different. Birkenau is the massive death camp that was built beside the Auschwitz concentration camp. The scale of the evil and monstrousness of it is hard to comprehend. It would shake you but everyone should see it.

The nazis killed between 1.1 and 1.5 million people at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Over 300,000 children and babies. There’s pictures of the trainloads of people arriving and they’d separate them into ones kept for slave labour and those sent to die immediately, pointing them to the left or right. They had tricks to keep them calm as they sent them to death like telling them to write their names on their bags so they could identify them after processing. Women and children under 14 were sent straight to die, small babies too, lots of pictures of it happening.

They could kill 2,000 people at a time in a gas chamber, it took 20 minutes. The ones kept as slaves had to clear the bodies. They forced them to search the bodies for valuables also, teeth and cavities. They had incinerators for the bodies but they couldn’t keep up and so they would burn them in huge open fires with the wood from surrounding forests. At the height of it they killed 500k people in 9 weeks. Trains would arrive with up to 2,000 people on them and they were taking up to 15 trainloads a day. They photographed everyone up until 1943 but it became too expensive then the numbers were so great so they stopped. As well as using the valuables people arrived with, sent back to Germany to support the economy, they sold the hair they shaved off people to German companies to be used in textiles. There is a room at Auschwitz containing the hair of thousands of people. They had contracts with German companies to set up factories nearby to be manned by the slave labour they expected to take from Russia.

The nazis had identified that there 11 million Jews in Europe and they aimed to kill them all. They killed some 6 million. There is a book at Auschwitz containing over four million names of those killed in the Holocaust.

Less than 15% of the people involved at Auschwitz were ever prosecuted, mostly in east Germany and Poland, very few in west Germany. About 10% served time in jail, mostly short sentences. The head of the camp was caught by the Brits and sent to Poland to be tried, they brought him back to Auschwitz and hanged him there. But most of them got away with it.


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Absolutely chilling. I had planned to go before but after the effect the Jewish memorial in Berlin had on me I decided against it.

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You shoulda given me a shout

On average it takes a mammal (regardless of size) 21 seconds to pee.

On average a doctor will interrupt you after you speak for 11 seconds.

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What age of a mammal would that be?

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Ah stop.
He was upset enough after going to Auschwitz.


It would upset you alright. I visited a special exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London. The bit that got me was the rail lorries they used to transport the bodies from the gas chambers to the ovens.

The amount of hurt in those lorries could be felt by just touching off and looking at them.

I couldn’t wait to get across the road for a pint after it to settle my nerves. And I was a younger man then.

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Do elephants have prostates?

No, they cum in pints.

The HSE maybe not as bad as everyone thinks then

You must never have been sick

If you have a Sky Q box, there’s a button on the Q on the front of the box. If you press this it makes the remote control beep until it’s pressed. It’s now a godsend for finding the inevitable lost remote control.

Our 1 year old child was the one who discovered this for us :rofl:


That’s a gamechanger

If I was into the TokTik or Chatsnap I’m sure I’d get a million views and be picked up by some tabloid rag with it