Things I learned today (Part 2)

That can’t be right. You don’t lose your tax free allowance I don’t think?

Here’s the problem with Ireland these days. You most certainly are having a champagne lifestyle on that money, it’s just folk have become so entitled so quickly it’s frankly remarkable.

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It’s a global media institution

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A little research and a few enquiries indicate that this is a done deal. 56% the tax figure so you net €40k approx out of €100k salary.
Seems punitive to me but the Irish taxation system hasn’t bothered me heretofore and won’t now……

I suppose the lad is happy enough to plug away, he’d be about 40 so has 25 or so to go…

56 per cent is marginal rate. You’re keeping closer to 65k

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An orange T-Shirt and salmon shorts does not an acceptable combo make…


That’s @Bandage strolling into town.

Might be one for the old yarns thread.

So back in the day myself and my brothers were United fans.
We watched that final which was a treat because there was fuck all live sport on TV back then. I love that goal and I still have a soft spot for Mark Hughes. I love how he played. Holding the ball up and volleys.

Anyway, my grandparents had a shop. You could find anything there week to week. Pots, pans, curtains, clothes, shoes, whatever. Kinda like a smaller Guineys these days would be a fair comparison.

One day not long after that final me and my brother were wandering around the shop aimlessly killing time as the adults did some yapping. Said jersey was there sitting on a rail in the shop. We looked at each other with big greedy eyes and a beeline was made. MAM! MAM!


My local club recently got training tops in salmon with black stripes. They were rejected by players and returned

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Must have been mixed up with the NAP order.

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The very tip of the samuel beckett bridge, the light at the top is 37 metres high.

Bhurj Khalifa in Dubai doesn’t have a sewage system, so trucks have to come and take the piss and shit every day.

Cc @cowpat

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Where do they end up dumping the shit and piss though!


Tina Turner’s comeback hit - What’s love got to do with it - was initially offered ti Cliff Richard and Bucks Fizz who didn’t take up the option to record it

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Thank God, is all I can say.

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Clare people cant cross over the Blackwater river

Lukaku is a stallion man

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