Things the Selfish Giant does and doesn’t do

He’s only gone and done it again.

He needs to pay

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To anecdote.

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This thread is most unbecoming

The swamp needs draining.

Rent free

Rent feckin free

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Time to break out the @tipptops stages of rattled :hushed:
@The_Selfish_Giant has played a blinder here.

Johnny come latelys can’t handle him at all.

The rusty trombone players are circling.

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@The_Selfish_Giant has the Liverpool footix hopping like sausages in the pan

The pied piper of the forum strikes again. Leading lads on merry dances.

How does he do it? @The_Selfish_Giant is the poster I want to be when I grow up.

Does - post links

Doesn’t - read the articles of the links before he posts them

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