Tipperary GAA 2018


I didn’t see the game last weekend


Didn’t do Michael Cahill any harm


hey harry, are tipp much stronger at big ball this year? aside from the obvious boost of O’Brien back did they pick up some other lad from de hurling panel? Meagher?

Ian Fahy making the squad these times? He was a damn fine minor midfielder good few years back



What was the view on Cathal Barrett last Sunday ??


John Meagher a fine player at both codes but he seems to have more injuries than a small hospital over the years. Pity - would have made a grand backman in the hurling


Went well. Wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he ends up there for the year, as aside from Brendan, there’s feckall options


Kevin Hanly, great young lad & Tipperary GAA supporter. :clap::clap::clap:


Did some work with Kevin a few years back. Inspirational young lad



Kevin’s trying a wee bit hard there


You think?


I do.


Not cool, bro.


@carryharry knows I love tip we got a groovy kind of love cc @caulifloweredneanderthal


Tipp are no animals. They are gone as soft as fuck. The minute it is put up to them nowadays they run. A long way from Hell’s kitchen


Alternative headline could read. Fit healthy young man couldn’t be arsed getting a job.


What if it was a junior soccer player from Ballyfermot who said the same thing? He’d be castigated by the squeezed middle class.


Didn’t work out well for Richie Hogan when he took a similar approach. Ronan had four years of chilling out in Mary I. I think GAA lads need the aul day job to keep their mind off things. His brother (who spent significant periods of time unemployed) once said the same thing to myself actually.


What did kiely take time off for to get out of 1B cc @caulifloweredneanderthal @carryharry