Tipperary GAA 2018


No that’s his brothers


I would have thought he would be totally against this type of thing. The only ones of note at this craic were Sheamy & Paudi.


Tipperary team to play Cork this Saturday evening.


Should be a good game. If we can get a foothold in MF with O Brien back and have Quinlivan play the full game we have a right chance.


Interesting enough. Looking forward to seeing how Fox does, always rated him highly. The two boys in midfield will need to be put back into the backs at some stage I feel but no harm in trying it. Hopefully Ger Browne is up to it physically as he has serious pace


Interesting team. Delighted Maher is over his injuries and gets a run in goals. He is our long term keeper in my opinion. I’d imagine the two wing backs are fighting for one spot in championship when Ronan will rejoin the HB line. I’d worry about that full back line on Sunday. I dont think Flynn is anyway near this level. Hamill isn’t hectic either but that is his best position.




Are ye confident about tomorrow surely


We’re not in the least bit bothered. Mick Ryan is looking at the league, like most managers, as glorified challenge matches to try out new players. Tipp have a few starters tomorrow that won’t even be on panel come championship


Yea yea


Are Clare going to war tomorrow bud?


I’d be afraid to cross the Shannon tbh.


I hope we preform. A performance will do me


Tipp will mangle Clare today.


Can you swim?


I can. I’m like a salmon. A beautiful swimmer.


Tipp Team v Waterford: P Maher Flynn Hamill OBrien ODwyer P Maher R Maher B Maher Barrett McCormack N McGrath Curran Breen Forde J McGrath

Just the four Mahers starting. Presumably Donagh and Bonner on bench


Breen corner forward is a strange one


Forde will come out and breen target man like second half last weekend


Barret will be ruined by being played midfield. He’ll get notions and will never be satisfied with the role of man marking corner back again.