Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


That was a lovely programme.


That was a lovely programme.

Nice bit of ‘we always knew’ talk too, coz that’s the way it is with 1 point wins.


If I’m not mistaken, there was no input from the Kerry players/management which is strange but not surprising.


They did all their talking before the game.



Women never went to matches in those days.


Kerry were wonderfully magnanimous in defeat in that game. Showed their true worth in coming back and winning the three in a row. Wonderful men with great pedigree and breeding. In a conversation with one of their greats now since passed, I mentioned the 5 in a row, he replied nodding at Matt Connor across the way, saying ‘if I have one less so he can have one, what about it’. A gentleman.


She caught some amount of fish there


I assume that is a WUM / tongue in cheek.



Future Offaly footballer Sean Grennan was at the 1982 final with his mammy. With about 10 minutes left, Mammy Grennan decided that Kerry had the game won, and lagged young Sean out of Croke Park with her. They drove to a relation’s house in Balbriggan to be told on arrival that Offaly had won.


He’s 72. He’s a first cousin of my mother.
The paternal name is a giveaway but both parents were from Wexford, near Adamstown.


I was at that match, upper deck of the hogan. My da had ten year tickets. I remember looking up at him and asking him something, I was surprised because I couldn’t hear my own voice - the corrugated iron at the back of the stands was being thumped by hundreds.
At least that’s how I remember it, I have a 5 in a row badge lying around somewhere.


Excuse me I went to nearly every match with the mother and aunt from the late 70s when I was only a gasun


Recorded and watched it back there some point scoring in the pissy rain I was 8 at the time and have a vague recollection of the match but as a city person didn’t have any interest in bogball. Can clearly remember Christy Heffernans 2 hand passed goals in the hurling that year though.


Ah fuck them with their spiritualism bollox. The 4 in a row Dubs wear it much better.


It will be a travesty if that shower of cunts get 5 in a row.
Kerry 1975-1986, the greatest of all time.


Will make it all the sweeter when we do 5 in peach pants


You’ve more counties than Val Andrews you cunt.


He is Val Andrews