Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


Sure pal


That never happened


Took long enough


You deserve immense credit for earning 7 likes for that pile of sentimental auld scutter.


Not a word of a lie in any line of it. The man in questions son will back it up.


So your imaginary friend who happens to be dead has a son who can back the story up? How is that going to work exactly?


Ah no, he’s definitely real, shur he had a skipload of All Ireland megals.


The BFG movie is nearly over here on RTE2. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long while.


I watched that Offaly thing earlier, decent show, that KIngs of September is one of the better Irish sports books,
Martin Furlong is a real gent,


The book is excellent, I must watch the movie.


Munster final on RTE now.

Had forgotten the absolute roasting Conlon gave Cahalane.


Disgraceful from RTE not to have sought the rights to replay the Limerick - Cark match in PuC.


Foley is a decent writer. The Bloody Sunday book is worth reading too


A much more impressive read imho


Jayo is an alright sort


Been very honest in this. I supported the Dubs in 95 due to him.


Humility is a great trait in a person and Jayo has it in abundance.


Oddly intrusive second part to this documentary. Uncomfortable viewing.


Agreed, he is very likeable but should the camera be here for all these moments


Jez Jayo was busy as a teenager - football, hurling, soccer , basketball