Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


That was nothing back then, I played all those competitively as well as athletics and table tennis


What’s the odds on him getting a nomination for COTY for 2019


Humility hardly equals agreeing to a documentary about yourself


Jayo’s ethnic minority is thankfully a much larger community now.

Dubs with All-Ireland medals, that is.


You should get in touch with RTÉ, they might make a programme about you.


Nothing special mate, lots of kids played lots of sports back then, Jason happened to be quite good at a few of them


sure Jayo got his GAA indoctrination in Cork and most of the present day Dubs are from culchie stock!


Why wouldn’t he agree to it?

The people who had the idea for the programme were quite obviously fully aware that the story of his life and career weren’t that of your average GGA dullard.


Only in jest.

Ah I know, it was the norm at one point. Unlikely to be the case any more.


Fair play to him. But agreeing to it rules out supposed humility.


was Jayo knacky at the hurling with Ballyhea? be pacey & elusive if nought else I imagine


The last bit with his half brother and his fathers grave was ott and would make me question his motives in making the documentary.
Having said that growing up in Finglas in the 80s looking like he did would have been challenging to say the least


What’s wrong with the way he looks???




Didn’t he get a gig with Pennys at one stage?


finglas south be hardy enough spot binky?


How do the Shamrock Rovers fans rate him @The_Selfish_Giant




Sponsorship I think


Heard he was handy. Very small as well.