Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


You could say that alright


Are you from there?


I am


Jaysus wha… What club is there mate? Isles?


Loads of football clubs there mate

Its a footballing hotbed


Thought it was a motorcross hotbed. Great to see though, was football always big there or just since the dubs good run


Crosswires mate


I suspect he could have been tricky alright, Ballyhea were strong back then weren’t they?


Isles would be the main club alright. They have gone through some tough times but have a bit of an underage resurgence going now


Hundreds of roaster families in ashtown, numbers growing, an untapped resource


Yeah. A proper club.


Jaysis if we tap anymore resources we’ll be split into ten!

Plunketts or Brigids would be generally the club for ashtown. Brigids have been under achieving at all levels for quite a while considering their pick. Plunketts have a smaller pick but are probably doing better overall at this stage with a healthy under age structure


He’d be about the one age with Darren Ronan, who was almost as good an underage hurler as his brother, the likes of Ballyhea never threatened the bigger clubs though


They were beaten in a county minor football semi final as well (beat us en route) and Sherlock was star of the show by a mile for them. Dont ever recall Ballyhea being mapped for football before or since


1/4 final.on tonight @8.30


Here we go. Think we’ll do it this time round


I’ve stolen your remote. Dry your eye kid


Crocodile fuckin Dundee II lads :clap:

‘I got a Donk’.

Mick’s bloody lucky you can’t shoot straight Wal


The in-laws who aren’t into sport as such (Ger) are wondering why I’m cursing away under my breath here. They’ve also asked who Richie is


Keith Barry, picking a thought from someones mind, he wouldn’t pick his nose. Cheap tricks. ‘Hacking into brains’,