Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


Was he the guy that “predicted” some golfer (think he was Australian) to win a tournament and that QPR would beat Man City on a particular weekend. Neither obliged


Ya think so. The scummy mcgregor clan on now


BBC 4, right now!!


No one ever asked when is Blurs film being made.


I’m really enjoying this Conor McGregor documentary on rte2


Doesn’t seem to be very close to his father, does he?


weren’t Ballyhea in a cork senior final circa 1995 and lost it? Think Sherlock was in the dug out at it with former team mates


never associated Ballyhea with football and certainly not Minor A semi final level! wonder do they even field a team now


They were. They only scored one point in the final…2 or 3 goals as well but only one point!!


Doubt they have any football now


The princess bride is on rte in an hour lads




Colette Fitzpatrick has some pair of bangers on her with that dress


A night to remember on film 4 there now. A proper film about the titanic


Invest in an android box, preferably Nvidia shield,get an IPTV sub,enjoyyyyy


Huh? I have all that shit


And you’re giving out about film 4


I wasn’t giving out . I happen to think a night to remember is a good watch. Not everything has to be fucking downloaded from some obsolete server on Spike Island you know


He wasn’t giving out.

On careful observation, you appear to be a sandwich short of a full picnic


One very careful observation,you’re a nosy bastard, FFS a lot you’d know ref picnics, dragged up around the island field