Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


Says Tommy fucking Togher!!!

And it’s D’Island pronounced diland


Bishoptown actually,baile an Easpaig,far from the roughies of Limerick


So you cant spell either,island field? Or do you think it’s disland field?


Fuck off now and don’t be annoying me anymore


A-hhhhhhh don’t be like that honey,let’s kiss and make up,pls,pretty pls,ye rathkeele rover


Here. Have any of ye cunts seen venom?
Is it worth a watch? Will have a free house at 9 bells.


Not for the purist Mike. Good bit of fun if you want to switch off the brain


Ah yeah. I’m not in the mood for anything heavy.


Here @labane1917 . I’m watching Barrett Jackson on telly there. Do the yanks still love their big fuck off gas gusslers?


No mate, we all drive Teslas now.


Not West of new York or east of Cali


A big fuck off Chrysler 1978 just went for 32k.
They must love their Cameros. There’s been at least 10 since I started watching. This one just sold for 55k


That’s on all week,mad bastards,too much money to spend,top gear is on tonight AFAIK


Not the same since they replaced the lads. My IPTV provider has uploaded all the grand tour series. I’ll give them a blast during the week


Agree,but I meant the new format,the Amazon jobby


With Jeremy, hamster,and james


I’ll get that tomorrow. I got the first episode of the new series there last week.
Gas cunts


They’re tops


Fucking wow. How does this shit get commissioned?

I find O’Shea a likeable sort. Even if his comedy is a very, very acquired taste.

His female co-star on the other hand is not particularly likeable based on the persona she presents in public. There’s an unfunny nastiness about some of her 'humorous ’ interventions on 2FM’s breakfast show.


Dull oul shite here about the Irish tourist industry. It’s all fucking numbers.