Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


Why is a 12 year old running Tayto Park ?


Most people working in the tourism industry appear to be complete flutes.


Exhibit A. This cunt running the pub crawl in Galway.


Americans respond well to fucking eejits in fairness


Nearly feel sorry for the poor tourists he mugged off by getting them to pay to spend an evening with him going from over crowded pub to over crowded pub


I was watching that and thought he’d be a hit on tfk.


Saw them in action in portmagee last summer during the water shortage,pub owner couldn’t get them out of his pub / restaurant nursing the free pints of water after the meal,put up the water shortage sign-charged e2 for a small bottle of tap water that fixed the whures,next few nights they are and fecked off pronto( world cup on seats were a premium for boozers) felt guilty drinking coke


Karl is going to go for Aodhan O’Riordán shortly


As for that poultice Boylan…


Peadar Tobin back on the airwaves. He might have decided on his new direction before he did so :thinking:
Darragh O’Brien comes across like a bit of a gimp at the same time.


So help me Jesus, I’m going to blame the cancer thing, but I’d love to give Colette Browne a dart


Darragh O Brien seems a very smug unpleasant sort.


Think he’s changed alright since he moved over,comes across all bob geldof like-anglophile


Jesus Mike, between this revelation…

and this one…

You might get your eyes checked out next time you’re in?


Oh Dick is on TV 3 lads


They don’t call him Iron Mike for nothing.







Living in that cesspit of deviancy and low morals is turning you in to a sick bastard .


It’s Ballyragget he’s living in, not Cork