Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


2016 Kilkenny Tipp on tonight


Just catching up on operation transformation now. The polish one :joy:


These fat cunts would turn your stomach


This Karl chap looks “weird”


What kind of a simpleton is this lad with the shop that he can’t take a day off for fear of his mother. It’s a fucking spar you’re running mate. The world will survive


One of the women on Operation Transformation is an acquaintance of mine. That’s still not enough to make me want to watch the programme, however.


130 hours a week in the summer in a Spar in TubberfookingCurry give me strength🤦‍♂️


Does he think no one else can stack a shelf or something. And the mother watching over everything as well. Two of em terrified someone would take a fiver out of the till


She’ll be carried out of the place on her baking tray😂


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Kicking off on ITV4 now


Smashing film, the sequence where Cumberbatch has to steal the log book is great


He is hunger out and it is a cash business. Obviously doesn;t trust the staff


He’s hungry alright


The Irish revolution doc is being screened on Monday night next on RTE. Narrated by cillian murphy. Michael D was at the preview screening in the Opera House (Cork) the other night. He gave a tour de France in the Q and A with John Bowman. A friend in attendance said the documentary is sensational


Is this the one based on the atlas ?




Michael D the lad who wouldn’t turn up to the Soloheadbeg memorial but would be top of the queue wherever there were poppies to be laid?


One and the same. He gave a run down on his family history in the IRA and finished up with an evisceration of Churchill. Martin Manseragh was on the panel with him


I heard there was a large cohort of undesirables at the Sologhead memorial.


All things to all people. He’ll probably sit down for soup with the IRFU brigade this weekend too.