Tonight's TV - Continuation of earlier drivel


The first part of the Irish Revolution is being shown on RTE 2 now.


The revolution is being televised


The perfect scenario for Irish people … they can ate their soup while watching it.


I watched it last week, nothing outstanding really. Nothing to really set it apart from other similar docs. Perhaps it will improve as it moves onto bits that haven’t been covered in as much detail previously.


That’s a great series. Was shown on BBC4 again recently.


Agreed — Very meh.


The Keane one recently or the Robert McKee one from the 80s?


The more recent one. Was done in the late 00s i think


Think that’s the Keane one.

The McKee series is good


Robert Kee.


Operation Transformation was totes emotes tonight


This chap on How to be good with money is an awful fucking gonk.


Claire Byrne is looking ravishing here.


The fidgety Fingallian on with Matt Cooper on TV3


Ireland’s most visible historian Diarmaid Ferriter on Matt + 1 show tonight.

Say he’s seething he wasn’t on the “Irish Revolution” programme on RTÉ 1.

Patricia McKenna seems awful wound up tonight from the few minutes I could bear to watch


Came across as a headbanger for the few minutes I could listen to her


Patricia McKenna is thick as mince. A sad fact but a fact all the same.


The McKenna judgement is one of the most democratic court decisions ever for Irish people.

She put her own home on the line as security to legally challenge the one-sided referendum process that existed up to that time, whilst FF/PDs were ramming referenda through.

Yeah, she’s cranky , probably batshit crazy like most greens, but very determined and very brave…


I would agree with all this. She is thick as mince though.


There is some assembly of cunts in this class of 92 program