Top Gangland Boss Shot Dead


The Garda leadership is still absolutely rotten

Just don’t put it on same week as the ‘how to lose important shit ‘ module …

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I’d love to know Gerry’s thoughts on the split season.


Explain to me why judges would listen to 10 hours of evidence and then decide whether it was admissible or not? Seems highly suspicious to me.

Because the guily verdict has already been decided.

SCC judges wouldn’t hold themselves as being capable of being swayed by such evidence, whereas it wouldn’t get near a jury prior to challenge
General idea anyhow

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I didn’t think hutch would speak so loosely in a car like this. In the wire and the sopranos in the early 00s they wouldn’t talk in cars.

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Is there anything that really puts hutch in it? Because the ways he’s talking you’d nearly think he’d have an idea he was being recorded and he’s putting everybody else in it.

Effin getting a lot of exposure in the report there on the audio recordings on Morning Ireland, didnt realise there was a Limerick angle to this. All Effin this and Effin that.

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Effin mafia are notorious… I wint be surprised to hear that the whole operation leads back to the Limerick hurling team. Those big bad bullies


Who are these 3 Councillors???


Did we ever get to the bottom of Gerry’s opinion on the Football Championship structures?


Anyone do the honours please