Turd Division 17/18


Check your texts






Fucking @Bawny :joy:


Ha someone robbed my name


don’t think I was very original anyway


I’ve made you a generous trade offer if you check your page, I’m looking to get one of my favourite players on my roster.


Fair offer but no thanks.


Talk to me har


Not for me, mate.


We could work something out for Thielen?


I can’t be without him tbh. I’m in the market for a TE alright.


Do you covet anybody on my roster, Olsen could well match Reed but I really like reed


Jimmy Graham??


He owns Jordan Reed, sounds a bit greedy to me.


Seems a few lads haven’t checked their lineups yet.


@chops91 dropped Chris Hogan and I was happy to pick him up as a FA
I’ve wealth of mid range and big prospect type players, no shit really,
What I’m saying is I’ve plenty of attractive makeweights if anybody is interested in doing business and has a light squad


Fake News will listen to offers.


You’re light on RB options outside of Zeke, it’s too late to do business this week but I might be able to put something together unless you want to do it yourself


Good few questionable starters out there including OBJ. consider this your friendly warning.