Turd Division 17/18


Did any punishment accrue from last weeks indescretion?


Yes, but my laptop is on the Fritz so I can’t dish it out on my mobile


I have a Detroit receiver to slot in for obj if he doesn’t play won’t be making same mistake twice


What’s the punishment ?


Tell who ever is Boston Patriots in our other league to put in a DEF.


Rams it is


No excuses now for when I fuck you later.


Jaysus @AppleCrumbled. Starting an IR?


Recidivist offender


I’ll cure that, or kill him


Who has Newton & Olsen?


Didn’t take long…he should never have been allowed in.


Fucker could still beat me. :flushed:


57.38 points from the Brady/Gronk combo :clap::clap:


Well you know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The two of them have finished me


It’s the hope that kills you,
Melvin Gordon goes over to keep me breathing


I’m nice and lubed on Heineken at the moment. Go gentle with @Bawny @chops91 and the san Fran turncoat @Watchyourtoes.


What are you raving about? You look Home & hosed.


Amari Cooper & Jordan Reed can FOAD.


How those receiving scoring work in the league ? Laundry has 14 points for 70 yards ?