Turd Division 17/18


Point per reception i’d imagine


Oh right was wondering works different in another league


Waking up to zero points for Jordy is dissapointing but Matt Ryan seems to have been quite average fantasy wise so I need OBJ or his replacement to stay under 20 for the win.
Big points in my bench but so has @Bawny


@AppleCrumbled has a great chance of making it two in a row, 10 points required from the Detroit kicker to beat him,
@chops91 has handed a huge beating to @Copper_pipe


Ya we both had a lot of duds . I’d say u have me tho bud




He’s on final written warning for another IR starter. One more and he’s booted and @Joe_Player can take over his team.


I’ll be looking for a premium Tight End if anybody feels like doing business, no time wasters please. It’s a position where week by week waivers or FAs can often suffice outside of the top 3 or 4


Check your texts


Trading is a sign of weakness.


A culling will be taking place with my clowns congratulations to shutthrfuck up. Who ownes that team? Some scoring


Fake News are open to offers after a disastrous week.


Don’t mind your trading — get on the waivers ---- PM me if you want any advice/help




I’m always here for you bro –


Trading is part of the game mate, a particularly challenging one too, it’s good to use the waivers for the leverage to make big trades, I picked up Cohen and Hogan on waivers last week and I’ll be trading them for a first round pick before long I’d say :wink:


Trading helps your opponents - never, ever do anything that helps your opponent.


There’ll always be a winner and a loser, I made two very memorable trades last year, one blew up in my face but the other was very successful.
I offered @carryharry Greg Olsen as part of a trade to bring Jordan Reed my way the other day but he politely refused, I’d have been laughing myself to sleep last night if it had gone through.


I’d rather die than trade.


Sorry mate, just saw the trade now as I hadn’t checked the website.
It’s not a derisory offer but you’ve offered your 14th round pick for my 6th, and my sixth scored over 22 points last night. I’m gonna say no thanks.