Turd Division 17/18


I’m praying to the kicking Gods that Prater kicks 3 50 yarders tonight. :pray::pray::pray:


A fucking victory,
What a start to the season 1-1

And well done @AppleCrumbled on another fine victory


Calm down mate


Calm down? I’ve a 50% win rate, 50%. Uncharted territory for me, what a morning :heart_eyes:


Only 2 unbeaten records left. @AppleCrumbled won’t last the season as hell inevitably get booted for starting another IR player


The silence is deafening from @AppleCrumbled.
@artfoley what are the punishments being meted out, we’ve this weeks main waiver due early tomorrow if something related to that is on the cards, it may affect @Bawny but I’d be surprised if the other fella even knows they exist.


We need decisive action here (I won’t hold my breath).


Please do, you cunt.


Congratulate @AppleCrumbled on his victory, you cunt.


Cam someone throw up the league standings.


Which team are you mate?


None i’m just been a nosey cunt!


I made decisive action earlier. Read the thread before you come on bitchimg


It’s a warning so?


Final one. Any more IA and he’s booted no if buts appeals or bitching. Just gone

You acknowledge @AppleCrumbled


I think derisive is the word you’re looking for… why not a punishment rather than banishment? The cunt is still winning all around him while playing without a full deck.


Go fuck yourself, you ignorant shit eater.


Derisive would’ve been a waiver ban. Cards are marked after this offence. Everyone get one chance and you’re close to using yours


Fuck the whinge out.


You’d love that, to avoid two more ass whippings this season.