Turd Division 17/18


And I thought you were the nice one of the Wexicans…

Look mate, they only reason for these leagues is having a bit of banter. Nobody takes the results seriously.


I told you … I fucking told you.


Nope. I’m a grade one cunt


Surprised to pick up Chris Carson with 4th pick in the waivers.
Hunter Henry might solve my TE problem, I’ll give him a lash anyway


A few huge overnight scores have swung some games considerably already.
I fear for @AppleCrumbled’s hard earned 100% record and @Copper_pipe already looks massive odds on to go 0-3


Fuck sake, I’ve an embarrassment of riches in the mid range, so tough to pick a team that I’m pretty much letting the projections do it for me.
Anybody who is looking for strength in depth at the expense of a top top player could do worse than have a look at my roster


Depth is for chumps. Studs are for champs.


You talk a lot of shit, with thinking like that you’ll never amount to anything.
I’ve a squad full of potential studs.


Mate, you’re talking to a guy who’s won back to back TFK Bowls :rofl:


But yet you feel that depth is for chumps :rofl:


Depth can be found on the WW pal. Anyone worth their salt should be packaging a couple of these flex guys for a WR1.


I’m not 100% up on the lingo but if I’m reading it correctly isn’t this what I suggested with my first post today?? :thinking:
I have a few plans but I think that lads will be precious about releasing early round picks, just floating my intentions.


You’ll bottle it. Have no fear.


Lots of players in lineups with questionables beside them. Keep a watch out.


Who is Chops91? Steffon Diggs :open_mouth::see_no_evil:


Fucking Diggs was dropped onto the waiver wire before the season started and @chops91 was the only one who spotted it


Didn’t trust him without Bradford.


Ah fuck, you left him on the bench :open_mouth:


Got 4 points last week with that quarterback. Wasn’t trusting him this week


Both 100% records will fall this week,
Cam Newton and a zero score from my TE has killed me again, well done to my opponent.