Turd Division 17/18


I’d be a fairly warm favourite mate, QB is my only worry.


Warm fav on account of score predictions or your matchups?


I’ve a much better team, that guarantees nothing obviously


Congrats again @labane1917

Hopefully next day out I’ll have a half decent lineup & be competitive.


Early days mate, Carlos Hyde out now so there goes another of my scoring threat.
It will likely come down to how Amari Cooper plays for you, he is long overdue a breakout game.


It gets funnier every week mate, really great material.


As stale as a Tommy Tiernan joke.


Ah he’s a gas cunt altogether, that sort of poor mouth talk is all the rage in the Segunda, no wonder Sheepy McSheeperton goes in for it.


Obj broken leg that’s my season over


Struggling to break the hundred mark this week, my RB’s have been contained. Might be enough though.


Myself and @carryharry will barely break 100 between us.


Devonte Adams :clap::clap:
Carried off after having his head almost taken off 10 days ago, 2 TDs today.


@Copper_pipe coming with a late surge off the GB overtime, I may have spoken too soon


You’ll be alright I’d say. You may as well head to bed.


The one week I have a chance of getting a win and I see the Giants completely ignored Evan Engram :thinking:


You should win this mate, 5.5 from Kyle Rudolph, no problem.
@AppleCrumbled has put up a really good show but I’d say 26 points from the Minnesota kicker is asking too much.


My Vikings D against Adam Thielen here to decide matchup with @carryharry. Shit game but 2-0 scoreline is fine with me.


Well done mate, and a very special well done to @Copper_pipe


Well done @Copper_pipe :smirk:


Fuck you @Copper_pipe. Had the winning of that on my bench :confounded: We go again