Turd Division 17/18


Congrats mate.

My TE brain fart proved decisive.


Thanks mate, I don’t think either of us had much to be proud of this week.


@Bad_Winner are you really thinking of playing Brisset over Stafford this week, only I’d love to get the game out of the way by Monday morning. :confused:
@carryharry, I’ve made you an offer for the TE that I covet, I see you beat me to Njoku on waivers after I lost Clay at the weekend. I think it’s fair.




which bit is funny mate?


Stafford is nursing an injury and will be a game time decision, Brissett is running with the first string for the moment. @backinatracksuit check your texts

Whoever shutthefuckup is, check your texts also

@Raylan, not interested in him but I am listening to offers for Bryant


That’s the first trade offer that I’ve ever had that wasn’t a complete piss take. However I’m not gonna run with it, I already have a similar player in Coleman and I’d like somebody with explosive potential.


@artfoley any interest in a trade?


Will you do me the courtesy of either accepting or rejecting the trade offer, I’m not quite sure what you were referring to earlier, the offer was a decent one.


Thanks but no thanks mate.


Will listen to offers for Ezekiel Elliot :joy:


See what you think pal


In need to win this week or it’s game over


Oh @Bad_Winner, leaving McCaffrey on the bench was a bad move, the fucker caught my QBs only passing TD,
I’m guessing that you don’t really like having too many players in TNF

50/50 game now I’d say.


@AppleCrumbled is gonna have to work at his game like never ever before to field a team this weekend, there could be 5 minutes work in it.


@AppleCrumbled mate. Sort out your fantasy lineup, pal.

Get in some Free Agents.


I’ll make you an offer mate, when will he be back, is it week 12 or 13?




Have you had any offers? You could still pick up an everyweek starter from this.


I had one which I rejected.