Turd Division 18/19


Congrats mate.


Much better than what you inherited last year but you’ve a bit of work to do


Will we bother showing up at all?


Luckily I picked up Brieda as a backup. Time for the little guy to step up.


I don’t think my team is much good really, an awful lot of question marks.


Can we have a list of who’s who please.

I need to know who I’m dealing with.


What’s the story mate, games begin on Thursday, let’s finalise this, I see no sense in the 4 divisions,


Looks like it cant be changed after the draft has taken place so fixtures stand as they are now.


Ah well, that’s me, you and @Clixby_Bream fighting it out for one playoff spot. You did alright in the auto draft, if Reed stays healthy he’ll rival Gronk and I know full well what fun it is to be relying on Cam week in week out, I’ve owned him every moment of my fantasy life before now.


Right fellas, having a look there now, I’m in the market for an elite WR, a lot of you are understrength in the RB spot, anybody want to look at a trade, only a WR drafted in the first three rounds.


Which elite RB are you offering up?


Everybody is on the table except my 1 pick, you had a bit of bad luck with your second RB


Make offers.


Congrats @artfoley, uucoam.


Forgot all about this. Team was auto drafted and auto selected. Apologies if I actually beat someone!


Team name?


I’m LongLiveTassotti, a name/team I inherited


You’re handing @labane1917 a bit of a hole opening.


Ah lads :joy::joy:

Sorry @labane1917


It’s OK, well done. I should have auto drafted myself, my “stars” all shit the bed today.