Turd Division 18/19


I won’t catch @Clixby_Bream this week, I lost the tie in the early hours of last Tuesday when he beat me to James Conner by 16 minutes, Tyreek killed me as well


This is going to be a painful season. I cut a high scorer & returned 9pts from McCoy & Hunt :rollseyes:.
Top scorer so far are my D.


:brendanback: :brendanback: :brendan:


Who’s Hide and Zeke fellas?


Me . Bad start this week


Patrick mahomes 50 points on my bench


who’s vicks puppy farm?


Fitzpatrick gonna see you home tonight @maroonandwhite?


Nope. I’m dialling it in this year, and look forward to setting up a fourth division next summer.


I’ll be there with you mate. A Nogra division if I can convince a few others.


Congrats pal.


Bit of a miracle. Hard luck mate


You didn’t beat me brah.


Oh right. I’ve no idea who anyone is



can you get people to change their team owner names from their own first names to their tfk usernames, including yourself!


I dont think thats possible


I’ll look later on on the laptop. Infractions for those who don’t change if name change is possible.


Tell that dope to fuck off copper.


Don’t have the stones to tag me cuntwad?


@caulifloweredneanderthal is after doing some upheaval of a solid team. :open_mouth: