Turd Division 18/19


I still haven’t given copper commish status so if zip it if I were you. I can boot you very easy


@Copper_pipe what’s your team name, and pm me your email address.


I forget everything I learned about this last year

I even forget my log in

Consider me in.


I’ll send over the details next tomorrow


I make that 8 in now with three on a standby, @Your_Mums_Athletic likes a post of mine suggesting he was interested so I take that as a yes.

Do @Bawny or @Clixby_Bream ever post, I can’t recall anything from them.



I’m going to take it seriously this year.


Welcome aboard mate


I’m in although I did not realise that I am required to post as much inane drivel as @backinatracksuit in order to qualify.


Wonderful, can we look forward to this level of bants in the remaining months?
Are you a second account?


Now that didnt hurt, did it?


Last call to get your name in for this…


Waiting on @manbehindthewire and @Bawny? I think 10 have confirmed

Three on the backup list, any other expressions of interest?


Am I in…


Will you leave @Copper_pipe do his thing & be quiet. :rollseyes:


I’m holding a place for @Bawny

@manbehindthewire is on holidays at present I think so he can confirm when time allows


What’s the app again I need for this? @Robert_Emmet will you be my sporting director and give me a hand with the transfers?

I’m going to win this fucking thing


NFL Fantasy app


Ya I’ll play


Cc @copperpipe


Locked and loaded kid
When do I pick my players?

It’s coming home