Turd Division 18/19


Why are you asking him? He has nothing to so with this league, other than being an interfering influence. Address your questions to @Copper_pipe.


Delighted to announce that I’ll be an integral part of @Copper_pipe’s front office once again this year.


For any of the newbies on here, be aware that interfering busybodies like @Chucks_Nwoko and @Robert_Emmet take sadistic pleasure out of “helping” newcomers. Be on your guard.




I am all in here.


Pipe down you. You’re hardly still in this division and you living over in the U S of A??


We good to go, draft date? Whos the commish to hook me up


I’m good to go lads


When are you thinking of arranging the draft for @Copper_pipe?


I was hoping to get lineups sorted this weekend at some stage anyway. After that we’ll have a democratic vote for draft date


Well you can exclude Friday night to Tuesday night of next weekend :beer::beer::beer:


Don’t mind democracy, pick a day and time. There’s always a few who can’t make it, they can autodraft.



As Commish I would hope you’d rule with an Iron Fist. No fucking around, like.



Is this our final list so?

14 including @AppleCrumbled




@glenshane expressed an interest if you’re going beyond the usual 12, possibly one other as well


Just need another one so…


How many teams are you going here


16 players will mean 15 regular season games,
I didn’t even realise you could have more than 12


Is it easier to get someone to make it 16 or drop 3 to make it 12 :tired_face: