Turd Division 18/19


There’s 12 in the league mate, everybody has agreed to play




So we’re leaving out the others that expressed interest after the initial lIst you posted in the OP?


I’ll be honest mate, I felt there’d be a couple of dropouts, I’ve never even heard of 2 of those, I assume they’re duplicates but that’s the 12, pity cause I’d say @Your_Mums_Athletic and @glenshane would have been decent additions


I’m ok to drop out if one of the lads wants to take my spot


I don’t think anybody would want that mate, I’d say nobody posted more than you on the thread once you came on board last year


I am happy to drop out lads. No hassle.


Sure the Tipp lads need something to get them though the winter.


What’s wrong with the original list of 12? If we are going to go with a higher number then 16 makes sense but there will be a lot of dross on the rosters.


We’ll go with the original 12 so.

Apologies to those who missed out.


Im thinking the week beginning 27th of August for the Draft?


Can you send me the league code or an invite when you get a chance?


Will do.



Can you make my commish please.

I sent you the details a while back


Yep, I’ll do it later


Thank you.


Anything happening here @Copper_pipe, we may need some warning about a draft date anyway.


I’d say you’re wasting your time expecting any productivity out of the Limerick lads this side of the weekend. Mid next week might be a reasonable target.


Ah no, @Copper_pipe has been turning up for work all week, he’s solid


I’ll sort it tomorrow.


@Copper_pipe we need to get this moving ASAP. Monday night be perfect.