Turd Division 18/19


Anyone else want to take the reigns here?

I’ll struggling :pensive::pensive:

Cant see the option to remove Chops and Labane from the league…


I nominate @artfoley or @labane1917


I just knew these Limerick lads couldn’t be trusted. The state of them this past week.
I’m swamped this next week and have little interest. Would you not do it yourself @maroonandwhite?


Im snowed under this weather horse


I’m declaring a state of emergency.


I just cant see the option to remove Chops and Labane :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


It’s chops and Raylan mate, think the team is Southernbias


You need to click into manage then edit team owners. E-mail the league invite to the 2 new lads in the league then.


Now we’re going places!


Right who needs an invite?


PM already sent to @Clixby_Bream


Have you chosen a draft date and time?


Thursday 30th @9pm ?

Im fairly flexible so its up to ye…


Sounds good to me.


@codegreen Is getting married Thursday so that’s himself and @Bawny gone there. (Civil partnership)


We could have the choice of every day between now and Christmas and we might not have a day that would suit everyone!

Once we can get the majority in favour of a date then we’ll have to go with that.


Those that can’t make it can auto draft.


Invite me pal


PM me your email


Is it same league as last year? I think I’m actually in it


Everyone should be there already except for the newbies.