Tv Shows & Mini Series (Part 2)

That’s a good summation. How do you spoiler stuff or do we need another telegram group to discuss the show

@Diabhal might tell you… The mods hate both of us so they won’t help

That link didnt seem to upload

You couldnt get through much there with all her gibberish.

@maroonandwhite there should be a settings icon when you’re submitting a post and you just put the spoiler text in between the code. Or you can just copy the below example:

Mad Men is shite

That Sugar with Colin Farrell the first season has just ended, really good stuff.

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Was really enjoying it until the reveal. That kinda ruined it

And then they sort of resolved the first main strand of the plot very simply. Like your man just gave him the address where the girl was.

I thought the reveal was great.

Last King of the Cross is fantastic. Tells the story of Sydney nightclub owner John Ibrahim and his nutjob brother as they rise to prominence in the beautiful :heart_eyes: King’s Cross.

Plenty of tits as a bonus.

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Season 2 out yet? Good story, acting is brutal.

It’s fairly shit,but in a Neighbours/ Home and Away kind of way

I started The Americans there a few days ago.Id been meaning to watch it for years.Its stared off nicely,I’ve about 6 watched so far

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Great show comrade.

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The underbelly series out a few years ago also did something on Kings cross and how Ibrahim came to be king

Godless on Netflix is a decent Western. Life on the frontiers was grim as fuck.


If you weren’t brutally tortured and murdered by injuns all you really had to look forward to was a hand shandy from your sister. If you were really, really lucky you got to marry some bucktooth mary jane rotten crotch from a few farms over.


Nope, the real Sam Ibrahim is going legal to stop them :joy:

Finally getting around to watching the Bear. The Fishes episode in season 2 is absolutely outstanding


Along with Forks and Bolognese it’s the best 3 episode arc I can recall in tv

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Just watched forks there now, tremendous

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