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Serious disappointment for the prisoners when they were told MDMA was coming in and McAuley turned up.


Was he really laughing at some inmates kicking style? The NNNNNNNEEEEEECCCCKKKK


This was way better than i thought it was going to be. The prisoner’s stories made it very interesting. The Dublin lad with the asthma was able to fit more swear words than normal words in every sentence he uttered which is no mean feat.

I also enjoyed the Mayo traveller. When interviewed after the match he said he really enjoyed hitting alan Brogan a few ‘showelders’. I wouldn’t cross the chap and i would guess Alan reached the same conclusion.


It was enjoyable. Obviously some carefully selected inmates too who are genuinely looking for rehabilitation. Most of them came across as having seen the error of their ways.

What was the old lad in there for?

I missed it if they covered it but he seemed to be a really interestingcharacterthat had played a bit.

I’d say there is lots of lads in prison with the best of intentions upon their release but unfortunately it rarely works out that way.

It must be very hard. The only mates who’ll be waiting for you when you get out are probably the same lads who got you inside in the first place and then the cycle begins again.


The reclusive Gina from Hugo’s on The Tonight show there


That wan haunts your dreams

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She made a dangerous enemy in a top grubber like @Spidey


Ruth Coppinger has aged & wintered something wicked

Bitterness will do that for ya

Do the right thing bbc2. Impossible to switch off when u watch a few mins


The gaelic in the joy show is a great watch. Philly comes across as a very good man.

I’d imagine they’ll get hammered in the match though unless they do something dodgy for the sake of TV

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End of an era

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Watching some funny guys on BBC 3 now.


Funny how?


I dunno they’re just funny guys.

Watched all 3 series of this today. All Dub’s and a dozey Cyavan man.

There was a lad from Dundalk another from Drogheda and a Mayo man

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Mayo traveller I hadn’t seen going into the 3rd one, came back. Dundalk lad got out, they brought him back to play. Didn’t realise there was a lad from Drogheda.