UEFA Nations League

We can’t even appoint a manager at the moment.

That wasn’t the point. The point is that under a better coaching ticket we should be beating Finland and getting one win against Greece

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What coaching ticket ?

For Ireland to qualify for the next World Cup we need to be away to a France or Germany who’ll totally underestimate us on the opening day. Knick a draw and then play them at home when they are already qualified.

From what I hear carsley is looking for a ransom. He doesn’t have a real interest in the job.

I’d go for a big Sam or even Neil Lennon who’ll have us working hard and set up to defend and counter.

I did, we were absolutely rubbish but who’s to say 12 months on from those games what players might have broken through for Ireland? The likes of Hodge, Lawal , Ebosele could all be involved plus my wildcard Sinclair Armstrong. We will have a new management in place too. 12 months is a long time in football.

He might, but you’d probably score 10-15 a season in the Dutch League yourself.

On CV, Big Sam is the best candidate. It would be great if a good young Irish coach was part of his setup. He is a figure of fun, but has been an excellent manager. Thelighter schedule might suit him at this point. Those fucking nerds like Dan McDonnell and Ken Early will try and have the whole regime snakebitten though.

Its a pity Michael O’Neill went back with the North.

I think if there was real money around, they might gave gotten someone like Bielsa which would’ve been fantastic.

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I heard a bit of Big Sam being interviewed by Second Captains recently. He sounded defeated and broken. I think he’d have been a great appointment three or four years ago. He’s 69 now and I’m not sure he’d have the energy or the heart for it. Trap was 69 too but I imagine Trap kept himself in better shape over the years.

Lennon is a dislikeable sort. That could work on a short term basis in a part time role. He could make Ireland a dislikeable team, which is badly needed.

Lennon hasnt done anything since that UCL run in 12 or 13. He absolutely shouldn’t get it.

Chris Coleman maybe, but he had Bale and Ramsey. We have Ferguson so there might be something there.

Lennon did a passable job at Hibs. He’s technically won two Scottish League titles since then, to add to the three he already had.

I wouldn’t be going mad on him, but the job might suit him.

He blew out at Bolton in tough circumstances though iirc. Rangers were hobbled in the second Lennon spell I think.

Rangers were on a general upward curve under Steven Gerrard during Lennon’s second spell at Celtic. Brendan Rodgers had left Lennon enough in hand to comfortably win the title in 2019 when he took over in February.

Celtic’s record in 2019-20 up to the pandemic was very good, winning 26 games out of 30 and taking 80 points from a possible 90. Yet the game that is most remembered from that season is Rangers winning 2-1 at Celtic Park at the end of 2019.

The whole thing went to shit the following season obviously.

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True. We should give it to one of the other outstanding candidates in for it. Oh wait…

Stay away from Armstrong

McDonnell was giving a report on the FAI board meeting on Newstalk last week. Himself and a few of the other journalists were sitting out in the car trying to catch a glance of Jonathan Hill in the corridor. Seemed like an utterly pointless ordeal scavenging for crumbs.

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I was at that. It was a complete shambles of an interview.
McDevitt is usually good but couldn’t get a thing out of him. Earley had a few awkward interventions and Murph fulfilled his usual role as a spare.
Sam lost the crowd almost immediately and came across as completely obnoxious as, I suppose, you would expect for an ardent Brexiteer.
I felt mugged off at the time, especially when I listened to the very entertaining interview with Liam Brady who was the other live guest over the Christmas.

I felt more sorry for Big Sam than anything. He’d clearly had a good few drinks. He’s also clearly never got over being set up and shafted with the England job. I wouldn’t blame him for being bitter.

I like Big Sam in a similarish sort of way that I liked Terry Venables and Harry Redknapp.

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David Connolly is still spoken of in awe over there

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