Unpopular opinions or views you hold

Imagine how ashamed the united fans will be after abandoning them this week

Gary Lineker was completely wrong to compare current UK emigration policy ‘language’ to nondescript German ‘language’ from the 1930’s.

How? Is there a “safe” level of dehumanisation of refugees, in your view?

Because he is attempting to link current UK politicians to the Nazis.

The Nazis who systematically slaughtered six million people.

That’s not to say what is happening in the UK is ok by the way.

He is calling out their messaging mate.

He’s comparing their language to that of 1930’s Germany. He isn’t wrong.

Dehumanisation always involves the same techniques.

Holocausts don’t happen overnight. They are the product of years of dehumanisation.

I find it remarkable that when somebody tries to shout stop, it is they who get vilified, and the dehumanisers get the pass.

The lesson of World War II was supposed to be “never again”, as in “we must never let something like this happen again”. It wasn’t supposed to be “we should never again invoke the Nazis as a warning until it has been proven beyond doubt that another state regime has carried out a genocide of six million people”.

There is no safe level of targeted vilification and dehumanisation by the powerful of vulnerable groups of people who do not have the ability to fight back.

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Paddy’s day is a shit day to go out on the beer.


Wrong thread mate

Which thread sir?

St Patrick’s Day is best celebrated outside this country

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Beginning to see this alright.

This is a thread for unpopular opinions.

Your last opinion is about as unpopular an opinion as stating that June 1990 was an exciting time to be living in Ireland.


Aye, you’re right there.

On a different note, how are you keeping yourself?

The same as I have been since the end of September, like the gradient profile of an Alpine stage of the Tour de France.

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Do the diary again if you need to get things off the mind! We’re all fairly anonymous but we do want to see ya doing well!


I think Peig is a lovely book

The INTERNET has been overall a bad thing for societies, in that its bad features considerably outweigh its good features, it has made stupid people more stupid but much, much more opinionated, and INTERNET-driven disinformation is the primary driving force towards a likely future where democracies and liberal societies collapse and fascist, kleptocratic authoritarianism flourishes. The rest of the 21st century will likely be a story of worldwide civilisational collapse driven by the cult of INTERNET driven “anti-wokism”, the dressing up of imperial rape and pillage as “anti-imperialism” (a line of Orwellian propaganda Russia and China specialise in), rejection of science, fact and reason, and rejection of basic compassion.

@Ceist has the internet been a bad thing for society overall? Please provide your answer in the style of @Cheasty from this forum.

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Certainly, @Rocko. In my humble opinion, the internet has been a net negative for society. While it has undoubtedly brought about positive changes and opportunities, the negative aspects of the internet have outweighed the good. The proliferation of disinformation and conspiracy theories has eroded trust in institutions and democratic processes. The internet has also facilitated the rise of extremist ideologies, hate speech, and cyberbullying. Moreover, the internet has enabled the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of a few tech giants, leading to a new form of digital feudalism. In short, the internet has accelerated the decay of liberal democracy and the rise of authoritarianism.