Unpopular opinions or views you hold

She’s a bit ordinary without the makeup alright.


Mousy Bitch

Can’t have Cillian Murphy

Mason Greenwood will probably have a better career than Bukayo Saka.

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Kneecap are overrated.

Orangeman hates irish band shocker

Mate I’m a dual GAA player who’s engrossed in the club and attends mass. I’d wager you’re far more orange than me with your solely Anglo sporting pursuits.

The gga is explicity anti irish, set up by the brits to distract irish people from real issues.

The church was always anti Irish

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Grian Chatten rescues their latest song alright.

Kojacque is better in that genre I reckon.

I have a fairly fluent grasp of the Irish language too. Another Orangeman trait I suppose.

Do they single black Current in my Guinness?

You’re worse.

Both Canavan chaps will prove to be better than the old man

Always on hand buddy

You ever edit a post of mine again and they wont find your body



Good, you learn fast


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Women are in general miles better at singing and performing popular music then men are.

They look better and in general can sing better and they definitely dance better.

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Every sports club in the country should be hosting their adult members to donate blood.