Unpopular opinions or views you hold


I like to have the real experience with food

Heinz is watery scutter. The days of Kandee ketchup were glory days.

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That was just red treacle

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Kandee always reminds me of the little white plastic cartons of chips

Along with the saltiest burgers going to go with the lovely smell of fumes from the chipper fan.

Great in between 2 slices of toast

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I’ve a Canadian friend who waxes lyrical about Kandee when he comes to Ireland twice a year

There’s nothing wrong with gaelic football


A wealth tax should be introduced immediately in Ireland. The threshold should be for people who drive convertible cars on the first few sunny days of the year.


We’d be better off without the internet.

Technology peaked in the nineties or early 2000s. We had washing machines and dishwashers and CDs and phones and phone books and you queued up to buy tickets and you watched whatever was on the TV at the time and got news from a newspaper or the radio and it was grand.


We’ve never been so miserable.
So much mental health issues, nobody can concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes, we’re slaves


I think it’s more the smartphone.

The ease of access of the internet.

Look around on public transport and everyone under the age of 50 are on their phones *

*I hate those people that tell people to put down their phones and have a conversation


It’s parenting. Kids have everything now… Phones at 8/9, getting tickets to concerts worth hundreds, trips to skiing or Paris for Easter… The good is gone out of life by the time they are adults and they can’t handle life


So it’s not just me who can’t concentrate? Phew!

I was in a pub the other day for lunch and a pint and every person I could see from my seat was on their phone.

The Russian’s would do us a favour by cutting the cables out in the Atlantic @glasagusban

Life has never been better than it is now.


We don’t know the meaning of hardship.

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I wouldn’t agree with that
But I guess it is for you, young people have never had it so hard

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The widespread use of working from home and virtual meetings will be seen ultimately as an extremely negative development on society.