Unpopular opinions or views you hold

The horror

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I think Napoleons quote on religion is quite true.he said ‘religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich’.

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In Greece you get buried for a couple years. Then you get dug up and your remains put into a small slot in a wall and the grave gets used for someone else. Then you also also get moved on from the small slot in the wall to somewhere more obscure.

That should be pitched here as an employment initiative.

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No way they’d be able to find workers willing to do it. We’d end up with a graveyard burshting at the seems and a big pointless wall with a load of empty holes in it.

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Not a bad idea, look personally i would just ban new graveyards but i know thats a ridiculous suggestion. Some people have strong wishes on a burial plot and i think it should be an option if they wish. It shouldnt be the default and a one off tax on top of all the current costs should be applied to have thst privilege. I think its a luxury rather than a nessessity in the modern day whereas in the past burial of a body was the only safe option

I’ve no gra for this Offaly hurling revival. Nothing against the players involved, but I can’t stand this Duignan/O’ Connor masterplan media spiel.

I hope the fuckers lose every game at 20s and Liam Mc next year.


Offaly is the second most unromantic county in ireland, after Laois and tyrone

Duignan’s term is finished this year if it’s of any help. We’ll still be listening to his raméis on RTÉ unfortunately.

Like awarded as that is an unpopular opinion, obviously not the Duignan bit but I’m pleased to see Offaly making inroads. We need more hurling counties competitive.

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The likes of Verney and OTB’s hurling pods Will O’Callaghan are hard to listen to. Non stop blowing. In fairness you could probably excuse them a bit of excitement but still hugely irritating.

The Spice Girls put out some absolute banging tunes……

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Drink taken here me thinks

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The first series of lost is the best tv series of all time until the final five minutes

Viva forever is a cracker

So is 2 become 1

Not a sip.

That France v Austria game wasn’t as good a game as people are portraying it as. I enjoyed the Slovakia v Belgium game more.

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Footix alert

Austria created one clear cut chance in 99 minutes.

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