Unpopular opinions or views you hold

A lot of this is about comparisons with the alternatives.

In association football the viewer compares Maloney to George Hamilton, and this comparison is a negative one for Maloney.

The comparisons in GAA are Ger Canning and Marty Morrissey.

Marty Morrissey does not have a big match voice. His voice will always be that of a commentator on Kilkenny v Antrim in the curtain raiser of a Ye Olde All-Ireland hurling semi-final double header, commentating as if he’s a concerned parent trying to encourage Antrim. “Olcan McFettridge showing they love their hurling in the Glens of Antrim!” “Oh look at that for skill by Aidan McCarry, they call him Beaver!” “Ciaran Barr, oh look at that for strength! Oh he completely mishits it! What a shame for Antrim!”

Ger Canning has a better big match voice than Morrissey, but he’s Ger Canning.

Maloney’s GAA commentaries are much more frantic than his association football commentaries and I think that frantic style suits him better. Also my primary memories of him doing GAA commentaries tend to be epic All-Ireland semi-finals, usually the football ones involving Dublin, in front of a full Croke Park. He did the Magic Mulligan goal too and the 2018 Cork v Limerick hurling semi-final.


Exactly. Marty is ideal for the camogie All Ireland final commentary for the same reasons you mention. Talking about incredible skills & unstoppable rockets as duffed shots dribble past a hapless keeper. Frantic is a good description of Maloney’s GAA commentary style. You sense he doesn’t necessarily know the ins & outs of the game but it doesn’t matter versus the competition.


I like maloney . I think he does know the game . IIRC he played with Vincents in his youth

He was a Dublin minor footballer too

Was he ? Never knew and Vincents defo his club ?

Yeah around 89/90

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I stand corrected.

This is coming true. All the research has shown that the men would break through. I hope it’s fucking wrong

Maloney doesn’t really know hurling and the doubt comes out in his voice at times, he’ll say something and there’ll be a quiet second as he waits to see does it pass muster.

But he’s good for football, he’s clearly a biased Dublin fan but that’s no harm as it adds to his excitement. And is far better than Martys “I just happened to be in the home village of named Clare panel member last week and they (who?) tell me he’s really up for this game” shtick

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It is coming home

Sounds like your wife did it mate?

Harry Kane is a thoroughly decent skin.


Are you a caherline man or something?

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He has a funny nose and two left feet but he has the knack to score.

I was just watching the press conference that himself and Southgate were subjected to by the deluded British media. They’d have been absolutely justified in telling them to go fuck themselves with balls of their own shite.

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I don’t mind Darragh Moloney as a commentator

He looks like exactly what you’d imagine his Connemara ancestors look/sound like.

Footin turf would be far to fine a job for him, you certainly wouldn’t be caught asking him to shaft a spade.
A right sort. But useless.