Watchyourtoes has broken Estebans fragile mind

A fucking cesspit.

Some of the shit that’s allowed pass here.

Lads going around with confederate flags as their background. The traveller thread.



Fuck off to mumsnet, you cunt.


Were you bullied as a child is that why you’re so full of hate and toxicity?

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Add people harbouring disgusting views on Protestants to your list too


I have no hate or toxicity, you screaming mary. Get a grip of yourself.


So you were bullied as a child?

You scream a fair amount yourself

No. Were you? Has it made you hysterical?

Thas right. They’re not all evil you know

I’m calling out racism here. I’m not the problem.

The first racist in to circle the wagons

I was bullied as a child. So what? Was it my fault? What are you trying to say here?


I’m echoing @Ambrose_McNulty rhetoric on travellers. Ask him

Sexface is desperate for the Woke cavalry to arrive.

What have I said about travellers?

No. I’m asking you.

They’re all still under the bed after ating too
much corn syrup last night.

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Ask the man who said it.

Said what? You’re struggling badly here.

Said that.

Is that racist :joy:

I suppose I could end up in jail for that.

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