Waterford Hurling (now incorporating intermediate football) 2013 and subsequent years

The moral victory table


You can prove anything with statistics.

Limerick beat Clare in the Munster Final last year by 3 points.

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I had no idea we hurt all these other counties so much.


Begrudgery and jealousy is a nawful Irish trait.

Cahill’s call to arms has woken the Tippos, they’re giving it holly.

Two draws and being gifted three goals by Clare are not to be sneezed at.

I would love Waterford’s record to be considered underwhelming if that’s the case.
As it is it’s a yearly shit show in the round robin with different 4 managers. We get a couple of half arsed decent performances and then it goes tits up,

Every year the last game is a thrashing.
In the fairness of the competition who ever is playing Waterford on the final day is guaranteed 2 points and a hefty swing in their points plus column.

some egg on the face for the anti Davy Fitzgerald agitators here today

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Waterford were out after 3 games. Davy failed.

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Waterford ran Limerick very close and beat the self anointed All Ireland champions

cc @johnnysachs @Big_Brian_Lohan


It’s the Tipperary lads that are anointing themselves as All Ireland champions elect for 2023 . They narrowly beat Clare the first day, when the Clare sub goalie gifted them 3 goals and haven’t won since. That after losing 4 out of 4 last year, when they really should have been relegated.

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They’d have been every bit as good under Colm Bonnar.

Haven’t seen any of the 4 Tipperary matches so can’t really comment. Are you saying they’re not playing as well as some on here would lead you to believe?