Waterford Hurling (now incorporating intermediate football) 2013 and subsequent years

That I don’t know. I didn’t realise that Kill Agri was famous.

Pat is a nationwide household name in any roaster household

Shit show. Classic Waterford. Assumed the game was won and switched off. Also missed 4 very scoreable frees in this period.

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That would explain why I had never heard of him.


Ya with due respect if it was anyone else it would have been 20 points and a nice day at the office.


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They are

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Was watching Joanne et al there on +1, jaysus I thought I was viewing camogie highlights there for a second.

Sounds like a grand way to spend a Sunday mate

Yeah I had Powery with me in the car. It was a grand jaunt.

The fundamental problem with Davy’s sweeper system is it’s very hard to post a competitive total. 1-16 today, which is about par for Davy teams. They seem to hover around the 20 point mark. In last year’s Munster championship, Waterford posted 0-19, 0-18, 0-16 and then after they were already eliminated 1-24 in their final match against a half arsed Tipperary.

They did scrape and fight hard today in a low quality match. Waterford forward play and movement was very ordinary.

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Cant wait for Derek mcgrath to pronounce the new name.


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John Mullane be even better… Hooyyahhh boyyy


He will espouse its benefits and quote some war general in the process


Still wouldnt have the ring of supervalue park

“Pairc Ui Supervalu” - best of both names there sure

Huawei in Chinese translates to splendid achievement, and I was reminded upon hearing the announcement of Waterford’s new sponsors of one of my Waterford teams splendid achievements.

I will tell it in a way that will appear humble initially deflecting the credit onto the players, but you will ultimately realise the point of the story is how I was the architect behind it all. In fact the only reason I told the story in the first place was my own self aggrandisement

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"Waterford fans are great when they’re going well but when things are bad they’re probably the worst around, that’s being completely honest with you.

Seems to be a strange fish, Ozzy. Very talented player on his day, which has been increasingly few and far between in recent years. Not sure if it’s immaturity or an inability to deal with expectation or criticism.

Maybe he’s just tired of it?