Wedding Etiquette


I’m not trying to win anything here you sad fucker.


Clare is a beautiful county mate.


I have no problem with you going abroad but don’t be coming on here like a hero saying you didn’t want a present.


You seem obsessed with money - I was merely replying to Gilly and I didnt just wade in saying look at me - And I’m a hero anyway - always have been , always will be.


@ChocolateMice seems to be going to fierce elaborate lengths here to explain to us how wealthy the family he’s married into are


I wonder how much was donated to this charity? Probably equivalent to the cost of Princesses shoes.


I’m giving honest answers to honest questions – a lot of very insecure lads here obsessed with money


The anger in some of those posts is unreal. Lads here fucking raging that they didnt have the wedding day they wanted and lashing out at me for doing what I wanted . I remember @farmerinthecity getting all sour with me because I was paying 5k for my band - He couldnt just be happy for me at the time, the miserable prick.


You appear to be at stage 4 here mate. Don’t let the lads get to you so much, I’d suspect they’re trying to get a rise out of you.


Appearances can be very deceiving, mate. I wouldnt worry your little brain about it either way.


Oooft, stage 5 is in sight, relax bro. I’m sure it was a lovely wedding and you have nothing to feel guilty about.


I thought it was 5k for a DJ?


Yes. We had both.


You are the charity


Says the man living off swan and carp.


you should always be trying to win in the INTERNET.

Tom Brady would be fierce disappointed in your outlook on life.


You took that up wrong, mate… I’m fully subscribed to the Tom outlook - I am winning, always, no trying needed.


Lookit, the Princess is off the shelf now. That’s all that matters. I’m sure they view it as money well spent.


Well done for getting to 2m30s


Is weddingsonline still going ???